The Diary of a Godly Housewife (Pt. 20. “husband…stimulates me to seek a higher standard of Christian character.”)

by Aaron Dunlop

June 25th (1882) Nearly 3 months since the above narrated incidents (her marriage, ed.) took place, and I can very truthfully say one of the happiest 3 months of my life! unceasingly marked as it has been by the loving attentions of the best of husbands I seem to have had no wish unfulfilled. Our mode of life affords but little trouble as regards housekeeping and a position freer from care I cannot imagine. My dear husband’s friends are invariably kind to me. Our rooms are lightsome and prettily furnished. The house comparatively large and very airy, much preferable to a small house with narrow passage and no back way as many have for the sake of having one to themselves. God has indeed been very good in placing us here, Godly people occupy the ground floor and are so frequently out that, though they are most pleasant when indoors and we mutually assist each other in the Christian walk by conversation etc.

I often have the house entirely to myself. Looking at God’s tenderness towards me all my life long I add with great delight to his former mercies one of his last and likewise one of his greatest is a wise, good and most affectionate Christian husband. Oh how many I see who are deceived in the object of their choice. Some are early removed by death, apparently to prevent them losing their hold on Christ by contact with a Godless partner! But how different my portion! In him I find daily that which stimulates me to seek a higher standard of Christian character. Oh that by God’s grace I may grow more like Christ that so we may mutually aid each other in things divine. Next Tuesday I am to pay my first visit to Gosberton since our marriage. They are to leave in a few weeks – I reckon of seeing them and hope to help them. I pray that I may return in safety and find my precious husband well.”

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