Daily Devotionals (6th Sept.): Faith and Good Works

by colinmercer

All Holy Scripture agreeably bears witness, that a true lively faith in Christ does bring forth good works. Therefore every man must examine and try himself diligently, to know whether he have the same true lively faith in his heart or not, which he shall know by the fruits thereof.

Many that professed the faith of Christ were in this error, that they thought they knew God and believed in Him, when in their life they declared the contrary. Which error, John in his First Epistle confuting, writes, “Hereby we are certified that we know God, if we observe his commandments. He that saith he knoweth God and observeth not his commandments, is a liar and the truth is not in him.” And again he saith, “Whosoever sinneth doth not see God, nor know him; Let no man deceive you well beloved children. Well beloved, if our hearts reprove us not, then have we confidence in God, and shall have of him whatsoever we ask, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that please him.”

“Be still doing or receiving good. Our Lord and Master went up and down in this world doing good; He was still doing good to body and soul; He was motivated by an untired power. Be still doing or receiving good. This will make your lives comfortable, your deaths happy, and your account glorious, in the great day of our Lord. Oh! how useless are many men in their generation!”—Thomas Brooks      

Taken from Cranmer’s Edwardian Homilies (1547) as edited by Rev. Colin Mercer.  © 2012, thinkgospel.com

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