Daily Devotionals (7th Sept.): Self Deception!

by colinmercer

A man may soon deceive himself, and think in his own fantasy that he by faith knows God, loves Him, fears Him, and belongs to Him, when in very deed he doth nothing less. For the trial of all these things is a very godly and Christian life. He that feels the heart set to seek God’s honour and studies to know the will and commandments of God and leads not his life after the desire of his own flesh, to serve the devil by sin, but sets his mind to serve God for God’s own sake, may well rejoice in God, perceiving by the trade of his life, that he has the right knowledge of God.

He has a lively faith, a steadfast hope, a true love and fear of God. But he that casts away the yoke of God’s commandments from his neck; and gives himself to live without true repentance, after his own sensual mind and pleasure, not regarding to know God’s word, and much less to live according thereunto; such a man clearly deceives himself, and sees not his own heart, if he thinks that he either knows God, loves Him, fears Him, or trusts in Him.

“I frequently hear persons in old age, say how they would live, if they were to live their lives over again: Resolved, that I will live just so as I can think I shall wish I had done, supposing I live to old age.”—Jonathan Edwards (Resolution Number 52)

Taken from Cranmer’s Edwardian Homilies (1547) as edited by Rev. Colin Mercer.  © 2012, thinkgospel.com

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