Daily Devotionals (10th Sept.): Hearty, Zealous, and Devout Prayer

by colinmercer

There is nothing in all man’s life, well-beloved in our Saviour Christ, so needful to be spoken of, and daily to be called upon, as hearty, zealous, and devout prayer. The necessity of which is so great, that without it nothing may be well obtained at God’s hand.

For, as the Apostle James said, Every good and perfect gift cometh from above, and proceeds from the Father of lights: who is also said to be rich and liberal towards all them that call upon Him; not because He either will not or cannot give without asking, but because He hath appointed prayer as an ordinary means between Him and us.

There is no doubt but He always knows what we have need of, and is always most ready to give abundance of those things that we lack. Yet, to the intent we might acknowledge Him to be the giver of all good things, and behave ourselves thankfully towards Him in that behalf, loving, fearing, and worshipping Him sincerely and truly, as we ought to do; He hath profitably and wisely ordained, that in time of necessity we should humble ourselves in His sight, pour out the secrets of our heart before Him, and crave help at his Hands, with continual, earnest, and devout prayer.

“When thou prayest, rather let thy heart be without words, than thy words without a heart.”—John Bunyan  

Taken from Cranmer’s Edwardian Homilies (1547) as edited by Rev. Colin Mercer.  © 2012, thinkgospel.com

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