Daily Devotionals (14th Sept.): God Alone is Our Helper

by colinmercer

Let us not, therefore, put our trust or confidence in the saints or martyrs that be dead. Let us not call upon them, nor desire help at their hands: but let us always lift up our hearts to God, in the name of His dear Son Christ, for whose sake, as God hath promised to hear our prayer, so He will truly perform it.

Invocation is a thing proper unto God; which if we attribute unto the saints, it sounds to their reproach, neither can they well bear it at our hands. When Paul had healed a certain lame man, which was impotent in his feet, at Lystra, the people would have done sacrifice to him and Barnabas; who rending their clothes refused it, and exhorted them to worship the true God. Likewise in the Revelation, when St. John fell before the angel’s feet to worship him, the angel would not permit him to do it, but commanded him that he should worship God.

Which examples declare unto us, that the saints and angels in heaven will not have us to do any honour unto them that is due and proper unto God. He only is our Father; He only is omnipotent; He only knoweth and understands all things; He only can help us at all times, and in all places.

“It is impossible for that man to despair who remembers that his Helper is omnipotent.”—Jeremy Taylor    

Taken from Cranmer’s Edwardian Homilies (1547) as edited by Rev. Colin Mercer.  © 2012, thinkgospel.com

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