Daily Devotionals: (26th Oct.) All My Hope on God Is Founded

by Aaron Dunlop

Daily DevotionalsThe song of Moses (Exodus 15:1–19) was both declaration and anticipation: it looked back and forward. Within a few hours of singing this masterpiece of praise, however, the Israelites were murmuring! The question that must be asked then is, how many Israelites sang in the congregation that day with no real feeling or sincerity?

We must ask ourselves the same question. Do we sing with the heart or only with the mouth? Is our singing with an engaged mind, a faithful heart, and earnest desire for the God we praise? Meditate this month on the words of the hymns we so often sing.

All my hope on God is founded;

He doth still my trust renew,

Me through change and chance He guideth,

Only good and only true.

God unknown, He alone

Calls my heart to be His own.
Pride of man and earthly glory,

Sword and crown betray His trust;

What with care and toil He buildeth,

Tower and temple fall to dust.

But God’s power, hour by hour,

Is my temple and my tower.
God’s great goodness aye endureth,

Deep His wisdom, passing thought:

Splendor, light and life attend him,

Beauty springeth out of naught.

Evermore from His store

Newborn worlds rise and adore.
Daily doth th’almighty Giver

Bounteous gifts on us bestow;

His desire our soul delighteth,

Pleasure leads us where we go.

Love doth stand at His hand;

Joy doth wait on His command.
Still from man to God eternal

Sacrifice of praise be done,

High above all praises praising

For the gift of Christ, His Son.

Christ doth call one and all:

Ye who follow shall not fall.
—Joachim Neander (1650–1680)

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