Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart

by Aaron Dunlop

thinkGOSPEL blog

9781433679216_cvr_webStop Asking Jesus into Your Heart by J. D. Greear was published in February 2013 by B&H Publishing Group. In this neat little hardcover, designed in a funky yellow with a bold, all-caps title, J. D. Greear chastises the revivalistic, fear-mongering and guilt-driven type of gospel preaching that demands of the listener an in-the-moment “decision for Jesus” and then leaves them confused.  All of the clichés of this type of evangelistic preaching—“the sinner’s prayer,” “asking Jesus into your heart,” “getting saved” (p. 41), etc.,—are dealt with in a balanced and biblical presentation. I know of no other book that does this in such an easy-to-read and simple manner but also in a weighty, instructive, faith-building style. Pastors who labor to get people into the kingdom but lack ability in teaching them how to live in the kingdom need to read this book.

The main thesis, argued in different ways throughout the…

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