Daily Devotionals: (Jan. 17th): Think on These Things—Christ the Vine

by Aaron Dunlop


Meditations on Christ the Redeemer

Ministers are not to preach themselves, but Christ Jesus, the Lord. But He was His own subject; He preached Himself. How could He have done otherwise, concerned as He was to be useful? Here He calls Himself the Vine—a very easy and natural image. A vine is not so remarkable in its appearance as many other trees. In loftiness it yields to the cedar, in strength to the oak, in sightliness to the palm-tree and the fir. The greatness of Jesus was spiritual; He had no earthly pomp and riches; like His kingdom, He was not of this world. The image is pleasing and striking, and teaches us much by contrast and comparison. A vine is not always green; it does not always bear; it never bears twelve manner of fruits; it does not endure for ever. But all this is true of Him.

—William Jay (1769–1853)

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