The Epistle of Jude – Outlined and Explained

by Aaron Dunlop

Jude OutlineLast month I posted an article on The Message of Jude. I have created an outline of the epistle in PDF format that you can print and fold…Jude Handout

From the introduction;

One writer described the letter of Jude as “the most neglected book in the New Testament.” While this is true in many parts of the church, it cannot be said of other constituencies. This little letter has been the rallying cry of the more militant part of the church for almost a century, stirring the church up to action against theological liberalism and apostasy. For many preachers and pastors this little book is simply a thesis on the nature of apostasy, separation from apostates, and the fight against both. While all of these are important and dealt with in other parts of Scripture, we should note that Jude never mentions fighting or taking an offensive position against heresy and he never mentions separation. So what is Jude’s message?


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