It is too often overlooked in this age of information that the gospel of Christ is beautiful in its simplicity. At thinkGOSPEL.com we focus on this simplicity, first in the evangelistic presentation of the gospel and then to encourage Christians to think biblically for devotion and direction in life. We believe this is the emphasis of the New Testament writers.

In the “tg-DAILY” category we will have a daily devotional from a variety of contributors. We recommend you subscribe to this. In the “tg-ADVANCED” category we will consider areas of life often overtaken by the philosophies and practices of the age. A further category is “tg-COMMENTARY”. This category will concentrate on a general understanding of the Bible, the flow of biblical history and theology, the context and grammar of the text and identifying Christ in all the Bible. We are thankful to Mrs. Judy Brown from Greenville, SC for her help in proofreading the material.

One Comment to “About”

  1. I just finished reading your helpful book “Confessions of a Fundamentalist.” Thank you for your honest assessment of the movement. My wife and I were at BJU from 1971-1976, and though she has more fiond and gracious memories, I have bad an angry ones. The venom and vitriol Drs Bob, Jr and the III spewed out chapel after chapel against Billy Graham and anyone that did not practice 2nd degree separation, the arrogant attitudes of the professors and administration, the smug phariseeism that prevailed over the campus, so little talk of Christ and the gospel was more than I could take. The only bright spot each year was the Bible conference and hearing Dr Paisley preach.
    In 1977, I left fundamentalism and became part of the growing confessional Reformed Baptist movement. Though it is not without its faults, there is liberty to interact lovingly with the leaders and express honest disagreement with repercussions and being lambasted or cut off.
    Although, I believe I am more of a true fundamentalist today than ever before, I still find myself struggling with anger against BJU and fundamentalism as a whole. Your book helped me a lot, though it did bring back many unpleasant memories. However, I thank you for writing it. May the Lord Christ richly bless you ministry and labors.

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