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July 5, 2013

Presbytery Outreach Initiative—Victoria, BC: Update #7

by Aaron Dunlop

The sun has set for the last time on our outreach this year. We had a good week with a great team. Tomorrow morning after a cooked breakfast at the Mallett’s the team will get the boat to Vancouver where they will spend the weekend. This morning we met for a devotional at 8.30. TJ brought a short word from Psalm 32. Then we did a leaflet drop until lunch. The afternoon was free for sightseeing. Then this evening Adam and Veronica Verigin invited us out to their home for supper—Coho Salmon, caught fresh yesterday by Mr. Gary Neumann. You can’t get more BC than that! After supper we went down to see the cruise ships leaving the Victoria Port against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset and to take some final pictures of Victoria lit up at night. Signing off from the outreach reports.

Mr. Joe Baxter helped with the leaflet drop. Here he is with the two-way radio checking the progress

Mr. Joe Baxter helped with the leaflet drop. Here he is with the two-way radio checking the progress.

At the Verigin's—enjoying the swing.

At the Verigin’s—enjoying the swing.

Taking a stroll through the city; artisan's market and the tourist shops

Taking a stroll through the city; artisan’s market and the tourist shops


July 4, 2013

Presbytery Outreach Initiative—Victoria, BC: Update #6

by Aaron Dunlop

OK, I didn’t go for that run as planned…Just to get that cleared away:) We met at 9.00am for our time of prayer and a short meditation on the Word and then we had our final workshop “Getting the Word to the World through the Internet” by Mr. Steven Lee. a Q&A followed on the Christian’s use of social media and how best we can protect our testimony and reach the lost. One of our congregation (Mr. Joe Baxter) joined us for this. After lunch at the Mallett’s we went down town for the afternoon and had some good conversations with people in the parks and promenade. These times of evangelism teach us not only something about ourselves and our understanding of the gospel, but also of the nature of humanity and the lost condition of sinners.

In the evening we went to Beaver Lake for a Church picnic. We did some video work in the park with Mr. Steven Lee. A big thanks to Steven for his work with the video material. Steven leaves early tomorrow morning with Katie. Ben Gardner is traveling back to Greenville with them.


Some of the young people from our congregation chatting with the team…the feet belong to Anna:)

July 4, 2013

Presbytery Outreach Initiative—Victoria, BC: Update #5

by Aaron Dunlop


The Team – about to start downtown

Wednesday evening here…late. It had been a busy day and the team is still strong—Ben has even twisted my arm to do an early morning run round Elk and Beaver lake at 6:30 am in the morning morning. Getting back to today…we started with the news that Steven Lee’s rental car got broken into, a window smashed! Thankfully there was nothing stolen notwithstanding the fact that Katie’s camera was in it. At the last minute Steven had taken out extra insurance and all damages were covered.  This morning, after our group devotional time there was a workshop on “Personal Evangelism” with lots of questions and discussion of the biblical motivations and methods of evangelism.

This afternoon we recorded some video footage of the outreach downtown. We had some very profitable discussions with individuals and we pray that the Lord would use those to the salvation of souls. The young people were encouraged and eager to speak to people.

After supper at the Swiss Chalet—a treat from Steven Lee—we went the Prayer meeting. Steven spoke on his work with Sermon Audio and its ministry around the world. Steven then brought a very encouraging word from II Chronicles 32:7-8, “there is more with us than with him.”

Steven and I then came back to our house and did some Q&A videos for SermonAudio. Katie was tired but very patient in waiting on us. It is late here then, and Ben will be waiting on me in the morning at 6.30:(


Steven Lee recorded the workshop


The shattered glass lying on the front seat

July 2, 2013

Presbytery Outreach Initiative—Victoria, BC: Update #4

by Aaron Dunlop

IMG_3726It is Tuesday evening and it has been a busy day. We did a workshop this morning and considered some aspects of evangelism from the life of Moses and his commission to Pharaoh


—the hardness of the sinner’s heart and the compromises  that the sinner might make (as Pharaoh did). In the Afternoon we did a leaflet-drop in the vicinity of the Church (about 800) and in the evening we went downtown to engage the people with the help of a gospel questionnaire.We were very hesitant at the beginning and nervous, but the young people soon got conversations going and came home very encouraged with the opportunities to speak of Christ. We hope to do this again tomorrow.


Mr. Steven Lee and his daughter Katie arrived in town this evening and immediately got engaged with the outreach downtown. We ended the evening with the time of fellowship and a box of Tim Horton’s donuts. IMG_3729

July 1, 2013

Presbytery Outreach Initiative—Victoria, BC: Update #3

by Aaron Dunlop

The team with the host family - Mr. and Mrs. Mallett

The team with the host family – Mr. and Mrs. Mallett

It is Monday evening here in Victoria on July 1st. The Lord’s Day was full and refreshing. We met for a time of prayer in the afternoon and had an extended time of fellowship after the evening service. The young people took part in the services. Many have spoken of how encouraging it was to hear them testify of the work of God in their heart and their desire to serve Him.

It is Canada Day and so we had the afternoon downtown with some time to sightsee. In our three-hour workshop this morning we considered the “Theology of Missions.” This evening we did a short workshop on the authority given to Christ in the Great Commission.

This evening there is a fireworks display downtown, so we are going down to join in the Canada Celebrations. For those parents following….all are still in good health and the luggage has been found. Please pray that the Lord would meet with us this week, sharpen our vision of Him and increase our zeal for Him.


Looking across the Juan de Fuca Strait from Victoria to the Olympic Mountains (Washington State, USA)


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